Ending the war on drugs and what happens next, with ex-undercover officer Neil Woods

November 21, 2018

'The Drugs War' with ex undercover officer NeilWoodsNeil has authored two fascinating books about his experiences as an undercover cop turned whistle blower. Neil joins me to give us his insights on the war against drugs and explain: how drugs money has caused escalating violence on the streets; why younger children are being used; how drugs money supports others forms of crime and leads to endemic corruption in our police force. 

Neil's person experiences of being one of Britain's most successful undercover officers deserves our respect and attention. Having a knife to your throat, or being stripped naked at gunpoint can take a personal toll on the brave officers who have tried to fight a war on drugs that can't be won.


Jenny Jones talks to Caroline Lucas MP about climate change

October 24, 2018

Green Party Baroness Jenny Jones discusses climate change with Caroline Lucas MP. They talk: fracking; green energy; new nukes; food and the economy. Find out what position Caroline Lucas would choose if she was invited to join a red/green Government. 


Molly Scott Cato MEP talks to JJ about a green approach to farming and food

June 15, 2018

Going organic and transforming our countryside for the benefit of nature are at the heart of the green approach, but there is a lot more to discuss. Pesticides, GMOs, subsidy payments, animal protection and Brexit. 


Jenny talks about air pollution and solutions with Simon Birkett of Clean Air London

May 25, 2018

Jen's Green Jam is a series of podcasts aimed at giving campaigners all the information and arguments they need to go out and change the world.